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Lancaster Farming’s Mid-Atlantic Horse tells the stories of horses and their people. Big and small horses; fast, slow, harness, carriage and farm horses; wild horses, donkeys, mules, mustangs and zebras. Mid-Atlantic Horse covers the wide world of the genus Equus. And for every horse story, there are many more about the people who live so closely with their horses.

Our 140,000 readers find these stories throughout the colorful pages of Mid-Atlantic Horse. The print edition of the magazine arrives on the first Saturday of each month in 57,000 homes across the Eastern states, from Vermont to the Virginias. Horse fans can also browse these stories every hour of the day and at night online at

Mid-Atlantic Horse’s readers are as diverse as the horses and competitive disciplines it covers. It gives pleasure to those who depend on horses for their livelihood to those who ride and keep horses for pleasure; from the big breeding farms and training centers to the backyard stables where kids keep their ponies and dream of competing one day in the Olympics.

This is what makes Mid-Atlantic Horse special.


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July 20, 2018

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